How do I send emails from from my participant center?

Step 1: Navigate to the Email Center

  • On the participant center dashboard, click SEND EMAIL on the navigate bar.
  • Towards the bottom of the page, click Click to send email through your participant center ⤵.

Step 2: Select Recipients 

  • In the recipients box, enter the email addresses you will be sending an email to. If you have your recipients email address's saved in the address book, click CHOOSE CONTACTS.

Step 3: Compose Your Email

You can either create your own personal email or if you are not sure what to write - we have email templates you can use!

To create your own message:

  • Add a subject line and compose your message.

To use an email template:

  • Click on the Choose a sample message box.
  • Select your preferred email template and the pre-written email will appear in the message box.


Step 4: Preview and Send Your Email

  • Click Preview & Send.
  • A pop up box will appear that will allow you to review what your email will look like.
  • Click Send on the top left of the preview.


  • Those receiving an email will not see the other recipient's email address. The email will be sent as blind copy to each individual.
  • A link to your fundraising page will automatically be added to the bottom of your message.

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